Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Monthly School Visit Schedule Jignyasa: Oct-Nov SYLLABUS

Class 10th

Chemical prop of acids and bases
Retn of  acids and bases with metal
Retn of  carbonates and metal  hydrogen carbonates with acids
Acids bases  neutralization retn
Prpn of HCL gass
PH scale  -  colors
Uses of Bleaching powder  , washing  SODA , baking soda
Permanent changes and temporary changes
Uses of plaster of paris

Class 9th

Separation   Of mixture by  sublimation 
Process of Evaporation  of water
Paper  chromatography
Separation of  components of  ink  using  paper  Chromatography
separation of  immisib;le  liquids
what is  the boiling points of two liquids  are close  to each other
can  we separate   SULFUR   and  Oxygen   from  copper sulfate

Class 7th
Make your own cell
Pates of dry cell
Dry cell converts chemical energy  into electrical energy
Simple circuit
Series and parallel circuits
Dry cells to make a bulb glow
Connecting dry cells in  series
Connecting cells in parallel
Bulbs connected in series
Bulbs connected in parallel
Tube Lights and compact fluorescent  lamp
Electric  fuses
Miniature circuit breaker 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Monthly School Visit Schedule Jignyasa: Sept-Oct SYLLABUS

Class 10th
LIGHT TRAVELS IN Denser  MEDIUM, rarer medium
Solar cooker
Refraction of light
Relative , refractive index
Total internal reflection
Types of lenses
Focal length
Human eye
Least  distance  of distinct vision
Dispersion  scattering
Formation of vibgyor

 Class 9th

laws of motion.
newton’s laws of motion.
first law of motion.
second law of motion.
 third law of motion

Class 8th
Preparation  Of  Sound   
Identify  the  different   sound
Vibrating  body producing sound
Musical instruments
Observing the changes in sound
Sound produced by human being
Observing sound propagation in solids
Propagation of sound through liquids, combusting fluids

Class 7th
Temperature and measurements
Differences between cool water  and heat water
Heat  -  a  form of energy
Conversion  of energy
Heat and temperature
Expansion of  liquid due to  heat
How to use thermometer
Types of  thermometers
Clinical   thermometers , maximum  And minimum  thermometers ,  digital thermometers  , laboratory thermometers

Monday, December 7, 2015

Monthly School Visit Schedule Jignyasa: JULY – AUGUST SYLLABUS

                               JULY – AUGUST SYLLABUS
Class 10th
Transmission of  heat
1.      IRON  , 2. COPPER . 3 . TUNGSTON
Deference  heat in water and oil
Types of thermometers

Class 9th
properties of solids ,liquids, and gaseous.
Do  the gaseous have definite shape and volume
Observing the diffusion of liquids
Diffusion of two gaseous
how small are the particles of matter
How diffusion take place
Effect of temperature on charge of state

Class 8th
Types of forces force
A. muscular force,  B .  force of field, C . Normal force,  D.  Tension
2. field force
A. Magnetic force   B. Electrostatic force .  C . Gravitational force
Forces of friction types
Friction   produce heat
Increasing  and  decreasing  friction
Effect  of  rollers  on   friction
Understanding  the  principle  of   Baibarings
Flude  friction
Class 7th 

Food components
Test for  starch
Test for fats
Test for proteins
Testing of  flooding items
To know the uses of water
Junk  food
Acidic and basic natures 
Color changes
Burning of magnesium  ribbon
Make believe  blood  comes out of a lemon
Lime water turned milky white

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Verizon hyderabad CSR Team visits Jignyasa Mobile Science lab Schoolin Shapur Nagar

 The CSR team from Verizon visited Jignyasa Mobile Science Lab at ZPHS Shahpur Nagar, Hyderabad. At the Govt ZPHS Shahpur Nagar the Mobile Science Lab was teaching the students about the Elements and the Periodic table especially Magnesium and Zinc. The teams from Youth For Seva Hyderabad, Jignyasa Mobile Science Lab as well as Spice the CSR team of Verizon interacted with the Children.

The Spice team Vijay, Neeta and friends interacted with the Students, all of them from 10th class.  They were impressed and wished MAY THERE BE MORE KALAMS. Hope our wishes come true and we shall see to it that we work towards the direction.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Verizon Volunteers & CSR vist to Jignyasa Mobile Science Lab Hyderabad

A team of & from 7th Nov will be visiting Hyderabad. The Govt ZPHS Shahpurnagar will be the venue for the Mobile Science Lab and thats where the teams from Youth For Seva Hyderabad, Jignyasa Mobile Science Lab as well as Verizon Hyderabad will get together.

Jignyasa is an initiative to simplify science curriculum to the poor underpreviliged students.Jignyasa - Mobile Science Lab especially focuses on teaching chemistry, biology and physics to Govt School children as well as underprivileged children in the slums of hyderabad, India. Focusing on Science and scientific principles while simultaneously raising awareness about sustainability during and after-school sessions.