Sunday, August 2, 2015

#Rangareddy #DEO permission letter to #SevaBharathi #Jignyasa to extend Science Education to govt. Schools

Seva Bharathi's Jignyasa aimed to give Secondary class students (6th - 10th class) a chance to learn science by performing experiments, thus giving them not only the pleasure of “learning by doing” but also rendering the subject enjoyable and easy to understand. 

The mobile science laboratory team conducts a demonstration of scientific experiments, which through their visual impact, energizes and encourages the students to explore the scientific process further. 

Rangareddy D.E.O. Sri G Ramesh has given permission letter to  Seva Bharathi's Jignyasa to extend Science Education to govt. School children on 06-06-2015.

Seva Bharathi giving Science exposure to 14,000 Secondary class students (6th - 10th class) by visiting 43 Schools in both  Rangareddy and Hyderabad districts.

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